• Revelation

    What is the bow? Me, My body What is the arrow? My creation. My thoughts, my words. What I send out into the world. What is the target? What is not working? What needs to change? What am I resisting, denying, judging? What is being pierced? Illusions. What is surrender? Letting go of attachments, illusions, […]

  • Surrender is the Bow of the Goddess
    Surrender is the Bow of the Goddess

    Surrender is the bow of the goddess String pulled back like lightning  Eye and heart aligned  Clear intentions  Taught, quivering  Trust Arrows of light Awaiting release  Communion  (From The Alchemy of Ecstasy, by ariel spilsbury)

  • It Is Time
    It Is Time

    This is the first creative post of my 21 day creativity challenge. This includes a video that sets the tone for this exploration.

  • Are You Interested In Transformation?
    Are You Interested In Transformation?

    Introduction to Christine’s 21 day creative challenge