• A Strange Feather
    A Strange Feather
  • Brave Hearts Run Free
    Brave Hearts Run Free

    Check out my latest exploration of healing, art, and spiritual alchemy.

  • The Alchemical Path to Freedom
    The Alchemical Path to Freedom

    “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

  • The Path of the Goddess in Personal Transformation
    The Path of the Goddess in Personal Transformation
  • The Artemis Archetype
    The Artemis Archetype

    “Who am I now that I don’t have the relationship, or work or beliefs or geography that defined me?” Artemis The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen I’m really excited to start sharing the research I’ve been doing into Artemis as a feminine archetype! To be an Artemis woman or to have her […]

  • Listen, Quicken, Green
    Listen, Quicken, Green

    Warrior of gentle from the land of green Running through the forest saying  It is time, it is time Listen, quicken, green  Listen, quicken, green  Warrior of gentle from the land of green  Original state of being  In innocence and trust  From Ariel Spilsbury, The Alchemy of Ecstacy www.holographicgoddess.com 

  • Creating A New Container
    Creating A New Container

    Life on the cosmic axis places you as a creative catalyst between Above and Below. Above being the infinite consciousness of the universe, that which breathes us, as we are also the breathe and the breather. Below being the prima materia of life, of all being, it is the pre-form material that merges with consciousness […]

  • Revelation

    What is the bow? Me, My body What is the arrow? My creation. My thoughts, my words. What I send out into the world. What is the target? What is not working? What needs to change? What am I resisting, denying, judging? What is being pierced? Illusions. What is surrender? Letting go of attachments, illusions, […]

  • Surrender is the Bow of the Goddess
    Surrender is the Bow of the Goddess

    Surrender is the bow of the goddess String pulled back like lightning  Eye and heart aligned  Clear intentions  Taught, quivering  Trust Arrows of light Awaiting release  Communion  (From The Alchemy of Ecstasy, by ariel spilsbury)

  • It Is Time
    It Is Time

    This is the first creative post of my 21 day creativity challenge. This includes a video that sets the tone for this exploration.