More, More, More

I’ve been super creative these last few months, but I’m still not good about sharing my work in meaningful ways. As I read that statement, I ask myself “what does it mean to share in meaningful ways?”

When I post things on my social media, I know who will like it. I have a few close friends that like my creative work. I have a small group of friends and acquaintances who like my photographs. I have an extended network of friends and associates that like my selfies and pictures with my son.

So, nothing I share is meaningless. In fact, when something I do inspires or tickles someone in my atmosphere, that makes me really happy. So, how do I define “meaningful”?

My deeper knowing says that my work is meaningful because I make it.

I suspect that what I want is to also share my work with people outside me intimate, immediate network. I want to expand who I’m in conversation with.

Expanding Creative Expression

At the same time, I’m working on opening up my creativity and how I express myself.

I realize that I’ve spent a long stretch of my life training myself to fit into the status quo. I lost the value and love of my own voice. And this world has always seemed so strange to me.

What do I want to say? How do I want to say it?

Lotus Flowers

I feel like a lotus flower, growing in challenging conditions.

Creating more, expressing more, connecting more. I’m sharing more, and I like it.

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