The Path of the Goddess in Personal Transformation

It starts with vision. You are looking for something you can’t quite seem to find.
You feel its presence, it exists around you and you feel it like a garden that doesn’t exist, yet refreshes and beckons you. You are compelled to keep looking. When your eye has become trained in new vision, you will see what you need to see.

You turn your eye inside and you discover the chalice of your heart. The unending well of love, support, and wisdom you sought but never discovered with your eyes. You are called to shed your old identities and ways of being, like snake sheds its skin.
In surrender, you commit to no longer abandoning your authentic self for acceptance in the world. You are whole. Fully inhabiting your own heart, you achieve inner marriage. You are living, breathing love. Fierce and tender, strong and loving. You can now love self and other unconditionally, because you are unconditioned love.

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