Creating A New Container

Life on the cosmic axis places you as a creative catalyst between Above and Below. Above being the infinite consciousness of the universe, that which breathes us, as we are also the breathe and the breather. Below being the prima materia of life, of all being, it is the pre-form material that merges with consciousness to manifest form. To create, we start with a container.

The container you create determines what manifests inside; it determines possibilities and outcomes.

If you think about it, you already create a container for everything you do. You make choices, select frameworks, utilize tools, relationships, platforms, etc., to bring your ideas into reality. Your frameworks drive choices, choices drive actions, actions determine outcomes. Are you fully conscious and intentional of how you are navigating this process?

To create more powerfully, to create intentionally, you must get clarity about WHY you are creating, and make conscious choices about HOW you will create. When you align, HOW & WHY, you will move closer to becoming a master creator.

Clearing Space – Creating The Container

Master creators do not have magical powers. Master creators are those who are awake to the true nature of the universe and their place in it.

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