It Is Time

Since May 2020, I’ve been studying personal alchemy through the 13 Moon Mystery School and Sanctuary of the Open Heart under the leadership of ariel spilsbury. What I’ve found most helpful in my personal transformation is working with Goddess archetypes and learning about spiritual alchemy. This is what I plan to work with during my 21 day creative challenge.

After years of studying self-help and then transformational philosophies to heal, transform, and decolonize myself, I found these two things to be “the cherry on top” of my personal journey.

First, working with divine feminine archetypes to transform my daily life has been extremely powerful.

When we think about the ills of our world, we think of patriarchy and imperialism as two of the largest producers of toxicity in our world. But what about the toxic feminine? That’s how I would describe many of the feminine characteristics that have shaped my life. From defining myself through my appearance to manipulating with femininity, I have realized that it’s not only men who have developed toxic personas to fit into the world as we know it. Goddess archetypes have taught me how to show up aligned love and integrity.

Second, using spiritual alchemy as a model for transformation has been enlightening. Through my journey, I have realized that “healing” always involves energy and thought, body and mind, self and other. It’s a process. Learning the rules of alchemy applied to healing helps me transform at a higher, more impactful level.

Through my creative work, I want to share what I’m learning with you. To expedite your learning curve because we desperately need powerful warriors of love.

So, let’s begin.

Alchemical Goddess text by Christine

Lady Of Communion/It is Time by ariel spilsbury from The Alchemy of Ecstacy

Available at

She steps to the edge

Over the fire of her making

Her choice 

To burn off what binds her 

No longer willing 

To surrender to her domestication

To her woundings

She is wilding 

Over the edge 

She moves quickly, as she must 

Lest she burn up in the flames

Only to reborn into the same 

Story, over and over again 

Until she learns the lessons 

Of unbinding. 

Steaming through the fire

The mission is revealed

Lady of Communion (It is Time)

21 Arrows of Surrender 

You lost your innocence, your trust

But it was never far away 

It is time, it is time

Green and gold 

Divine androgyn 

Innocence and trust 

Divine child

Warrior of gentle 

From the land of green 

Lady and lord 


Of the sacred word

Sweet Strength

Soft sovereignty

Flowing with the current 

Playing her part in creation 


Surrender is the bow of the goddess

String pulled back like lightning 

Eye and heart aligned 

Clear intentions 

Taught, quivering 


Arrows of light

Awaiting release 


It is time, it is time 

Shield of beauty and joy 

Amongst quickening 

Growth edges beckoning 

Original state of being 

In innocence and trust 

Warrior of gentle from the land of green

Running through the forest saying 

It is time, it is time

Listen, quicken, green 

Listen, quicken, green 

Warrior of gentle from the land of green 

Whose bow is surrender 

String pulled back like lightning

Eye and heart aligned 

Clear intention, taunt and quivering 


arrows of light, Awaiting release 

Shield of beauty and joy amongst quickening and growth edges beckoning

Sweet Strength

Soft sovereignty

Warrior of gentle from the land of green

Running through the forest saying 

It is time, it is time

Listen, quicken, green 

Listen, quicken, green 

Warrior of gentle from the land of green 

It is time

It is time

It is time 

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